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The Parents' Association comprises of a lively group of volunteer parents with daughters throughout the school aiming to enhance your experience of the school and build a strong community spirit.

As parents you are automatically a member of the Parents' Association and I hope you will join us with our activities.

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Parent Talks, Tuesday 13 May

Over 200 parents gathered in YPH on the evening of Tuesday 13 May to hear three speakers on the topic of parenting teenagers. Jane Leahy, the School Counsellor, started by sharing a model of development which explains why our teenagers can sometimes seem to have reverted to toddlers (apparently we should subtract 11 from the age of our teenager to find the age at which they are actually operating!). She also suggested the use of affirmations, verbal and non-verbal messages, to reinforce the bond between parent and child. Click to see her presentation and a copy of the affirmations which go with it.

Alex Fryer, a parent of two children and family planning nurse of 30 years experience, had the room in stitches as she explored the minefield of teenage relationships, contraception and STIs. She had plenty of useful advice for parents on opening conversations early with their children and keeping the communications open as teenagers grown up and the topic of sex and relationships becomes harder to broach. Alex will be coming back to school in the coming academic year to speak to both Year 10 and the Sixth Form.

After a break, in which parents eagerly discussed the advice they had heard and shared experiences with one another, we heard from Keith Dunnett, the Associate Vicar of Christchurch in Abingdon, on Boundaries and Battlefields. His helpful framework, rooted in his Christian faith but applicable to all families, demonstrated the importance of clear boundaries and of picking your battles with teenagers. His presentation is here for your interest.

We were delighted with the success of the evening, and look forward to hosting another parenting event in the future.

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